Thursday 10 November is the first day of the trial for the Fortnum145. Come and show your support outside the court for a demonstration with workshops, talks and music.

City Of Westminster Magistrates Court
181 Marylebone Road, NW1 5HB
London, United Kingdom
Thurs 10 November
12 – 2pm

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As 11 defendants face their first day on trial for a sit-in protest at Fortnum and Mason last March, we’ll be there to show our support. As well as the usual banners and chants there will also be workshops on topics from Tax Justice and the Cuts to the History of Civil Disobedience and Knowing your Rights; Talks from well known political figures and live music.

We will be exploring the injustices that motivated the protest in the first place and discussing the disproportionate and political nature of the response received from the police and the government, from mass arrest to trial.

This demonstration will show those on trial that we support them, and is a space to raise the important issues that bring them to the court room. And if you work in London, it’s conveniently timed so you can pop-along during your lunch break!

Trial begins 10th November.
Come and show your support outside the court.

You can also help by handing out flyers and posters!