RESISTANCE RIDDIMZ25th November: 7pm-1am

RESISTANCE RIDDIMZ brings inspiration and solidarity through a fantastic mix of talks, poetry, comedy, live bands, Hip Hop and DJs.

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Heres an introduction to just some the people and groups that will be performing or speaking..[more to be confirmed]

Returns to London after his UK Soundtrack to the Struggle tour.
If you haven’t heard or got this album..seriously dont miss this..
and if you haven’t heard of Lowkey yet..well lets just say..’inspirational’.

One of the hypest brothers on the Hip Hop stages in the UK right now.. he WILL get you skanking!!
Co-founder of the Peoples Army collective, who have supported, performed at and helped organise events, demonstrations, youth projects and more.
Logic will be bringing some brand new lyrical vibes off his new album ‘TRUE TALK’.
…definitely an artist worth supporting for all the time & energy he dedicates to our communities and causes..
The album is available to pre-order here..

US Hip Hop artist and political/community activist.
Has written tracks relating to the 99% Occupations happening across the world, the Egyptian revolution, a track against against NATOs invasion of Libya and more..

A new Hip-Hop group…
[comprising of some well known, established and talented artists]
Caxton Press has emerged to shine light into the darkness. After a year in the engine room writing, tightening and perfecting their debut album Shame The Devil, Caxton Press have chosen to ignore the status quo and current themes in rap music to bring it back to the pavement in its purest form.” // “There can be no greater law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil” William Caxton [Established first printing press in 1476].
– also this album title is linked to a blog that is seeking to expose and shame each devil one by one. From JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs, Carlisle Group, News Corp, Rupert Murdoch.. to Coca-Cola, M&S, Westfields,.. etc etc anybody interested in getting involved check here..

Another positive brother with some deep inspirational tracks.
Part of the Peoples Army collective, working with numerous other artists pushing lyrically critical and good music..and always in support of people campaigning for positive change..
You can check out some of his music here:
YouTube: NateMusicTV
Twitter: @NateMusic13
and also download his last album for FREE here..

Live Band


Part of Peoples Army collective, Speakers Corner family and We Are Dubist – a London based Dubstep collective who are more about the love and positive bass vibrations than a-list superstardom.. and who ran a soundsystem in Parliament square out the back of a lorry on the SAVE EMA march last year..
This brother always brings a mix of Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jungle and Reggae to keep the vibes nice.

Pushing hip hop in the North of England with a night called Ko Rockin’It, DJ DEFUNKT is now building more on his active role in the community working for positive change..
Catch this brother bringin some party vibes mashing up everything from Funk, Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum n Bass, Dubstep and more..

Speakers on the night will include:

Journalist/Activist – supporting, involved in and writing about numerous campaings and situations including the Campaign for Justice against deaths in police custody, the student protests, the Palestinian struggle for freedom and more..

Tottenham Defence Campaign

A student defendent who was viciously attacked by the police on the student protests in 2010.

A DEFENDANT from the Fortnum & Mason sit in, currently on trial for peacefully challenging Fortnum & Masons £10 million a year tax evasion.

Plus more to be confirmed…


Since the cuts were announced last October students, Ukuncut groups, pensioners, unions and our youth have taken to the streets in protest. The response has been kettling, police violence, mass arrests, house raids, disproportionate sentencing and attacks from the mass media. Many defendants have already been given harsh sentences, including imprisonment, and others are awaiting trial. One group of protesters is facing trial in November for taking part in a sit-in in Fortnum and Masons last march, who are involved in a £10 million a year tax avoidance scam.

RESISTANCE RIDDIMZ is about showing love and solidarity to the Fortnum 145, the student protesters and all those targeted for standing up to injustice and raising some funds to cover travel fees to court for defendants.
One struggle, One people.

Proceeds go to support defendants through Fortnum145, Defend the Right to Protest Campaign and LDMG

Solidarity Price: £8
£3 concessions,
Free for defendants

Venue location:
LSE Student Union
The Quad, LSE Students Union, Houghton Street WC2A 2AE
London, United Kingdom
Supported by: