One of the Trial B ‘Guilty’ people here. Hello.

The judge’s statement yesterday seemed to be a bit different to A in that he said the fact we entered in a big group meant we personally knew we were going to intimidate the business of F&M to stop.

Its been a big few days but sufficed to say our judge, Evans, valued the right of a company to make money over the right to protest, and mocked us for thinking any differently calling us “breathtakingly arrogant” because in our evidence we defended our views on the cuts and the right to protest.

You all think different, we know, so we can’t let this verdict make the movement downhearted and stop people fighting peacefully against the cuts. We do all have the right to protest, we can fight the cuts, we can continue to oppose tax avoidance and pressure the Government to take action, and corporations to act responsibly on tax.

We may have had this verdict and personally it’s annoying for us, but there’s a lot of people including you who continue to fight the cuts and pressure companies not paying the moral amount of tax they should.

So this continues….