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This drama about UK activism tells the story of what happened when radio producers got a little too close to the action.

With recordings of the protests mixed with drama recordings, actual participants mixed with actors, Occupied creates a world of sound that is both authentic and original.

The play is made in collaboration with artist and activist John Jordan; as well containing sound from within the Fortnum and Mason sit-in it also documents the actual moments when a crowd of activists decide to make camp outside St Paul’s cathedral.

What emerges is not only a play about three people trying to make a play – it’s about how and why people protest in the UK.

You can listen to the radio play on the BBC website.
It hit the airwaves on 17 February 2012, 14:15 on BBC Radio 4.


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This brief coverage from the event outside court on the first day of the trial proper asked people that question.


Can you help to promote the workshops outside court on the 10th?

Just print out the fliers and the poster below and hand them out to whoever you can!

Your support is greatly appreciated – we need as many people as possible to come along and learn more about our right to protest and the threats against it.

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Today saw a case management hearing for the upcoming trials, and what was meant to be some form of decision on the ‘Spartacus’ cases.  It was also a bit of a warm up for the barristers, Richard and Annabel, who will be representing many of the first trial defendants in court in November.

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Those lovely folks at mumsuncut have made a Fortnum145 video: have a butchers!


by @robsafar

Just no Philip.

The Telegraph have produced this marvellous little reportage on Sir Philip Green’s assessment on the cause of the riots. According to him, well, it’s our fault.

We’ve heard that he might be a little upset with UKUncut over some past tiffles, but that’s all water under the bridge. He’s so over that. He’s even gone so far as to say that there is a “necessity for peaceful protest”. It great that he’s on board with us that far, but his us(rich folk)-versus-them(bloody ingrates) logic isn’t what we’re about.

But it’s not just our fault. Oh, no. Ian Tomlinson is to blame too. The Telegraph goes on to report that;

His comments reflect the views of a number of retailers who believe that a change in police tactics after the death of a bystander in the disturbances surrounding the G20 summit in London in 2009 encouraged the looting.

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I have put myself back on trial to support the F&M defendants because I believe the CPS has no more reason to prosecute them than they do to prosecute me. It is in no-ones interest to penalise peaceful protest. It is in everyones’ interest to support people who stand up against injustice.

Anonymous Spartacus

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The show of support outside court on Friday went better than last time – nobody was threatened with arrest (as far as we know)!

A huge thank you to everyone that came, your support is surely appreciated.

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In July MumsUncut held a tea party in Southampton to raise funds to help with the FM145 campaign. It was super fun and we raised £148. We hope our fundraising campaign continues well, and it’s a good job that we have a lot less work to do now (that they’ve dropped 115 cases)!

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